Wax removal kit for ears helps clean earwaxUse ear cleaner to remove ear wax


Clean them using Astro Ridge!
Your Problem:

Waxy, itchy, or infected ears, headaches, punctured ear drums, and gradual loss of hearing are side effects of using cotton swabs. They push earwax further up your ear, worsening the problem.

Cotton swabs cause impacted ear wax inside ears
Best tool for ear wax removal at home
Tool for ear wax removal at home
Wax remover ear tool helps clean ear wax
Our Solution:

Astro Ridge allows you to see inside your ears as you clean them, preventing you from pushing your earwax farther up. Our 3 models are equipped with a micro camera, LED light, WiFi chip and skin-safe ear picks all designed to help find and remove earwax safely and comfortably.

Ear Wax Removal Kit With a Camera
Best Way To Clean Ear wax
Smart Ear Cleaner
Smart Ear Cleaner

Smart Ear Cleaner

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At-home Earwax Cleaning Kit

  • 3 mpx Camera: Watch a HD video of the inside of your ear canal using a lens smaller than the size of an ant.
  • WiFi Chip: Connect Model E to your Android or iOS phone or tablet using our free app. Model E will stream a live video to it allowing you to see inside your ears as you clean.
  • LED lighting: Lights up the front path of Model E allowing it to see every detail and to find earwax with ease.
  • Replaceable Ear Pick: Twist-off the Ear Pick for proper sanitization before next use. Over 7 Ear Pick shapes and sizes to choose from.
  • Temperature Control: Ensures Model E is not hot or cold while in use.