Wax removal kit for ears helps clean earwaxUse ear cleaner to remove ear wax


Clean them using Astro Ridge!
Your Problem:

Waxy, itchy, or infected ears, headaches, punctured ear drums, and gradual loss of hearing are side effects of using cotton swabs. They push earwax farther up your ear, worsening the problem.

Cotton swabs cause impacted ear wax inside ears
Best tool for ear wax removal at home
Tool for ear wax removal at home
Wax remover ear tool helps clean ear wax
Our Solution:

Astro Ridge allows you to see inside your ears as you clean them, preventing you from pushing your earwax farther up. Our 3 models are equipped with a micro camera, LED light, WiFi chip and skin-safe ear picks all designed to help find and remove earwax safely and comfortably.

So, how does it work?

Explained by Alex Cook in 60 seconds.

Model E - Earwax Removal KitModel A - Earwax Removal KitModel R - Earwax Removal Kit

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Wax removal kit for ears helps clean earwaxUse ear cleaner to remove ear wax

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What're people saying?


"Model R is well made with premium materials and quality manufacturing. Beat my expectations.."

Wen Teng

San Francisco, CA


"Found it to be exactly as described and worked even better than they said it would. We own Model R and Model A."

Wiktor King

Columbus, TX


"All these years I'd been jamming my own ear wax up my ear canal with cotton swabs. Astro Ridge got 28 years worth of wax out of my ear."

Russell B. Debord

Los Angeles, CA


"UPS lost my first order. Before I could email support and unleash my wrath, they had already mailed me a new item. Now that's customer service!!"

Bartie Medina

Indianapolis, IN


"I checked my 5-year old's ear and found a piece of corn stuck in it. The ER doctor said it'd been there for months."

Yasin Bashir Tannous

Dover, NH


"The camera is smaller than an ant but literally lets me see inside my ear like I got my iPhone in there. It's unbelievable."

鍋島 大翔

Seattle, WA


"Tbh I was worried about using it in my ear, but after 5 minutes, I got the hang of it. It's painless. Now I use it 2-3 times a week to clean my ear wax."

Trofim Kovalev

Montreal, QC

Best way to clean the ear from earwax

Engineering, done right.

Earwax stands no chance.